Meet Our Artists

Barbara Kiddle

Life should be a series of learning and growing experiences. Exploring is never complete and that everyone has the ability to express themself artisticly. She enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge with others.

Since childhood, art has been an intigral way in which Barbara has expressed herself and experienced the world around her.

As a new owner of Paintworks Art Studio, she will share her experience with those looking to discover the world of art, learn new forms of expression and learn or develop new skills.

Rani Crawford

Rani Crawford was a classroom teacher for nineteen years and now spends her time painting and teaching the joys of fine art. She has been an active artist for over thirty years. From 2003 to 2018, Rani owned and operated Paintworks in Okotoks, Alberta.

Her interests include all fine art mediums, and she finds her muse in natural subjects such as landscapes, seascapes, florals and wildlife. She thinks of her art works as small treasures. Each art piece is unique to reflect the individuality of her subjects and every aspect of nature is an opportunity to use pure color and bravura brushwork.

Always inspired by her surroundings, it is hard for Rani to run out of ideas for new paintings. Each painting is a synthesis of plein air sketches, memory and imagination.

Over the course of her career, Rani has worked with a number of charities in support of both humanitarian and conservation initiatives. Her works are in collections both in Canada and Europe.

Rani is based in Okotoks, Alberta.


Ashley Gaboury

Even before graduating with a BFA in Studio Arts in 2003 at The University of Lethbridge, Ashley worked as an instructor at The Prairie Art Gallery in Grande Prairie, Alberta. For over 20 years she has established herself as a 2-dimensional art instructor, while simultaneously developing as a professional artist. Exuding enthusiasm and passion about drawing, she continually pushes the boundaries within her artwork. She creates in a myriad of mediums including but not limited to watercolor pencils, alcohol-based markers, acrylics and mixed media. More recently she has specialized her art training with GOLDEN and Silver Brush to become a GOLDEN Artist Educator and Silver Brush Educator.

Although her artwork has transitioned immensely over the years, the common thread has been her dedication to aestheticism and balance. Utilizing watercolor techniques with acrylics on canvas she imbues each piece with her high-contrast, low-key aesthetic. The bulk of her work has spiritual undertones, often playing with the dualism of light and dark, and the dichotomy of good and evil. Presently she works in tandem with The Yamnuska Sanctuary to create and sell artwork reflective of her goal to increase our understanding and spiritual connection to dogs and wolves.

She characterizes herself as someone who wants to inspire others. Her mission statement: “Sharing my passion for creating and instructing art!”


Jocelyn Shields

Jocelyn Shields is a local artist from the foothills area. Born and raised in a home with parents who had a love of art and creating- it has always been something she enjoyed doing and exploring. After getting her degree in education and teaching for many years, she started a family and found being home allowed her the opportunity to begin to create more seriously. She specializes in acrylic paintings, especially animal portraits, and is always broadening her subject matter and medium. Jocelyn is thrilled to join the Paintworks family and share her love of art with the community!


Gloria Chow

Gloria received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting with Distinction at the University of Alberta in 1991. She has been teaching painting since 2004.

Gloria won Best in Oil in the People’s Portrait Prize. She won the adult category at the AWS mural competition and Margaret Shelton Award at the CSC. She was also featured in the Best of Worldwide Landscape Artists Publication.

Gloria is passionate about painting. She regularly exhibits her work in group shows and art festivals. Gloria continues her learning and loves to share her knowledge with others. She paints various subjects including landscape, still life, figures and portraits.

“I paint familiar subjects to reflect my inner feelings through color, light and gestures. Every execution is connected through my heart”


Iwalani Rose

Working in the Calgary area and the Foothills community for the past 20 years Iwalani (Eva-lani) has established herself as a set design artist, creating murals, building sets for local schools and theatres, marketing large scale projects and even painting the Value Tree in the common area of our very own Heritage Heights School! Having run her own art school for children, her art and storytelling experiences have led her to create beautiful children’s stories which she is in the process of publishing. She has taught many art classes and ran the Value Goals program at Heritage Heights School.

Her background in watercolour courses, drafting and fashion design from the Sunshine Coast, the Art Mecca of the Lower Mainland with its extensive galleries and native artesian‘s have influenced her art as well as her own Polynesian background. Also to her credit are marketing and promotion. She owns a small business with one of her daughters.

Her philosophy… “Expose students to the highest most complex art and they will discover that not only can they master those refinements and build confidence, that exposure, can become a part of them. Wether improving existing skills or creating new ones a confident person becomes a successful person. Successful people create stability and influence change for the better. My purpose in the field of art is to encourage if not inspire growing artist to become more confident and willing to share where ever their development leads them. Thats the best success story! “